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i·de·al·ish * noun *

A person who is guided more by ideals than by practical considerations.

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A place to share your work.

We tilt at windmills sometimes. We push. We discuss, plan and enact change. is meant to be a platform for people to share their work that is making the world a better place.

We make a difference by connecting with each other. Opening up our process, distributing our data and discussing our approach. Please join us in this community effort to connect our work.

Open by design

We believe that work that affects all of us, should be open to all of us. We celebrate and encourage organizations and work that is open by design.

Tear down fences, open doors

Keeping good work locked away, where no one can see it or use it doesn’t help anyone. Make it available, teach people how to implement it.


It’s a marathon, not a race. We need passionate people who share these same ideals.


We want to share all of this. The best artists may steal, but we give our work freely.

So now what?

We need more people, more people who care, who want to connect. This is a call to action beyond voting. We're asking you to get involved to build the future.

Call to action